Girteka Logistics once again grew by 30 percent and became the employer, boasting of largest growth in Lithuania in 2018. This demonstrates that leadership among European transport and logistics companies is not only an indicator of sustainable work and success, but also a sign of great responsibility. Therefore, we strive to be a role model in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which is clearly defined in our mission. Most of the organization’s actions and initiatives focus on road safety and environment protection.

In 2018, we took part in 6 road safety initiatives:

  1. Road Safety Day with the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications;
  2. Cooperation with the Minister of Transport and Communications on the launch of campaign promoting reflectors “BE VISIBLE”;
  3. Participation in the Festival of Discussions “BŪTENT” (“Makes Sense!”): we installed a safe traffic zone for children;
  4. Contribution to the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian Police celebrated in Vilnius Cathedral Square;
  5. Participation in international conference Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in Baltic Region;
  6. Holding a Road Safety Day for children at Šiauliai transport base.

Most of our initiatives are focused on educating children because investing in children is the best investment for a sustainable future.

Being one of the largest employers in Lithuania, we consistently invest in employee development. We take care of employee education at Girteka Logistics Internal Training Academy; over 80 of our company’s managers pursue university studies, and drivers acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge at the Drivers Academy.

The 4th report of Girteka Logistics Social Responsibility presents actions for continuous improvement of the integration of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy, culture and daily operations.

For more information and the issue see the UN Global Compact