On 25 July, the winner of Season 2 of the ECO League competition received cheerful congratulations at the Šiauliai transport base. The economical driving competition lasted for half a year, and the winner was Dzianis Matsulevich who has been working at Girteka Logistics for four years.

The ECO League initiative started on 1 July 2018 and Season 1 of the project ended on 31 December 2018. Season 2 started on 1 January and the results were calculated on 30 June.

The ECO League competition includes those drivers who have completed ECO driving training. Five fleets (EU/ SK/ DF/ NO/ RU) participated in the League during the first half of this year. The drivers competed only within their groups, although everyone had a chance to move from a lower qualification group to a higher one and vice versa. The drivers were notified of their personal results every week.

A total of 97 drivers who had achieved high results in ECO driving evaluations participated in Season 2 of the ECO League 2. Dzianis Matsulevich, who has been working at Girteka Logistics for 4 years, won 1st place by earning a total of 98.51 points. He was awarded the main ECO League prize – a gift card worth 1000 euros to be used for his chosen vocation. Raman Vialko, a colleague of the winner (they both operate a dual control truck), earned 96.4 points and was awarded 3rd place.

After the event, we spoke with the winner Dzianis Matsulevich, who shared with us how he managed to achieve such an impressive result: ‘We received a lot of help from our teachers. We always listen to their advice, talk with them and ask for recommendations on better ways to drive. The result shows that we have been doing everything right.

I would like to say thank you to our teachers for all their help and support.’

According to the driver, besides teamwork, another factor that determined his victory was the company’s new trucks: ‘Girteka Logistics is a large company whose modern trucks are equipped with various electronic devices. The driver only has to adapt his/her driving style to these trucks, which is facilitated by the lecturers at the Training Centre. You just have to listen to their advice and work responsibly.’

Dzianis mentioned that he had chosen a driver’s profession by following his heart – so for him, it is not only work but also a childhood dream come true. Dzianis has been working as a professional driver for 14 years now, including 4 years at Girteka Logistics. He is glad that he chose the right career path and feels that it suits him perfectly.

When we asked the winner about his experience in the company, he replied: ‘Girteka is a large team. If you are a driver and work in a professional manner, everything works perfectly. I have a great relationship with both my managers and the Head of the Convoy. The communication is warm with no negative situations, and the drivers are looked upon as equals, so no one feels superior. I’d also like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to show our professionalism and the great results we have achieved in the ECO League. You have organized a nice celebration for us today – and it feels good to be valued’. At the end of our conversation, the winner encouraged all his colleagues to continue performing well and to assess their work responsibly.

Two seasons of the ECO League have already reached a successful finish, while the third one started on 1 July and the results will be calculated on 31 December. We wish good luck to all the participants!