During this difficult time for Europe and, in fact, the world, Girteka Logistics and its industry colleagues keep working to deliver food, medicine and other necessities essential to keep Europe running.

As Europe is on the brink of recession, countries are preparing financial stimulus for hard-hit businesses and many people see their jobs disappear overnight – supply chain and transportation are crucial for people, business and society to function.

Truck drivers are in an exceptionally difficult situation – like most people, they want to spend this time at home with their families. Due to the closed borders of Europe, the regular return home is near impossible.

“Under these difficult circumstances Girteka Logistics’ 14.000 fantastic, loyal and hardworking truck drivers keep working as the demand for food, supplies and, more importantly, for medicine and medical equipment increases. During this time, more than ever, truck drivers are needed and appreciated,” says Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics.

“This week we see a Europe with a more restricted movement than ever before, we see that people are spending more time at home, needing additional food and household items from often close to empty supermarket shelves,” says Kristian Kaas Mortensen.

Businesses, factories and retail shops are hindered by the rapidly slowing economy while also preparing for the return to normal, hopefully after Easter. With the increase in the threat of Covid-19 and the new steps taken around Europe this week, Girteka Logistics is prioritizing the safety of its employees, while keeping Europe supplied with food and medical supplies.

“We have already taken proactive steps to ensure our employees’ safety by carefully monitoring various EU governments’ new actions and advice, as well as advice from the World Health Organisation [WHO],” says Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics.