Girteka Logistics took another step towards security. Last year, the company received the Level 1 TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association) TSR Certificate, demonstrating that the company adheres to the highest standards of cargo transport. This year, Girteka Logistics became a member of the TAPA association.

The TAPA association unites more than 700 members – world-class manufacturers, logistics services providers, freight carriers and other interested organizations. The goal of TAPA is to ensure cargo safety throughout the logistics chain.

Membership in the association gives the opportunity to participate in security conferences organized twice a year, where carriers, security service providers and customers meet.

This allows sharing good practices quickly and easily and learning about the needs of potential customers in terms of security.

Members of the TAPA Association have access to a network of secure parking places for trucks and the latest and most reliable security information and reports on safe or unsafe locations for carriers.

Being a member of the TAPA Association and holding the Level 1 TAPA TSR certificate are recognized internationally and ensure the quality of services provided by Girteka Logistics as well as improve the efficiency of storage and transportation processes.