Being an environmentally responsible company means getting the balance of economic, social, and environmental factors right.

To keep the world safe and clean for future generations is a priority for Girteka Logistics. By working with us you contribute to these important objectives.

We strive in our daily work to maintain the highest environmental standards throughout our company. We work to conserve resources like energy and water, to raise awareness among employees and in the community.

Greener trucks and trailers

We have the youngest and most environmentally friendly fleet available. Girteka has a modern fleet of over 5 600 trucks with an average age of just 2 years. They meet Euro 6 emission standards. Compared with earlier models, they release much less CO2 and other pollutants into the environment. And our trailers use the latest fuel-efficient cooling technologies, with solar batteries to charge the cooling units.

ISO 14001
Girteka Logistics has a well implemented Environmental Management System (EMS) which is certified under the ISO 14001 standard. That reassures clients about our green commitment and helps us continually improve.

The main goals of our EMS are:
 to reduce pollution, CO2 emissions, and waste
 to increase the sorting and recycling of waste
 to build awareness by involving employees and partners in efforts to protect the environment
 to apply green criteria for purchasing
 to comply with environmental legislation
 to prevent potential environmental incidents and be ready to address any that might occur

Some of our other practical green initiatives include a focus on intermodal forms of transportation, energy-efficient office buildings, and the use of eco-friendly paper and electronic invoicing.  

Photo: © Sebasthian Volmert