Logistics and transport company Girteka Logistics, which became the fastest-growing employer in Lithuania last year, is expanding its office space. The head office of the company, located on Račių Street in Vilnius, has opened the doors of its annex – here, in the space of 3 800 sq. meters, more than 540 workplaces have been created.

“Last year, more than 500 administrative staff members joined our team, this year the number of people is expected to grow at a similar rate, so the decision to expand the office space came very naturally as a result of the company’s successful growth. We strive to make our colleagues proud not only of their good personal work results, but also of the company they are working for, so we are investing in new, modern and comfortable workplaces”, said Paulius Dambrauskas, COO of Girteka Logistics.

The head office of the organization has expanded to the adjacent building, which previously belonged to the radio component factory Vilniaus Vingis. The Scandinavian interior style chosen by the company is maintained in the new premises as well – open spaces and minimalism prevail here. The office has a large kitchen able to accommodate 108 people having lunch at the same time. It also has a self-service shop offering a wide range of products, including snacks, sandwiches and soft drinks.

Besides additional workplaces, the new Girteka Logistics office will have twelve more meeting rooms with a modern reservation system, and individual spaces for telephone conversations or video calls with customers. In order to use the space provided by high ceilings, four cozy spaces for non-formal communication have been arranged over the meeting rooms.

At present, the headquarters of the transport and logistics company have more than 1 150 workplaces, the total area of Girteka Logistics office space on Račių Street is 9 500 square meters.

At all, Girteka Logistics offices in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Smolensk and Poznan employ 2 000 administrative staff. In total, there are 14.2 thousand employees working in the group of companies. Over the year 2018, their number increased by 38 percent.