On May 16 this year, the first Girteka Logistics Client Day took place in Copenhagen. A strategic event, a day conference was called “Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transportation 2019+: Quick Changes“. This is the first full-day event of this scale of strategic importance for Girteka Logistics clients.

Representatives and about 80 largest customers of Girteka Logistics gathered to listen to world-renowned reports on transport and logistics. The venue of the event – a hotel near Copenhagen Airport – has been selected with a purpose: it houses most of one-day flight clients from different countries.

“Logistics, supply chain and transportation will, in the next few years, face unprecedented changes due to rapid digitalisation and growing customer needs. In order to maintain customer confidence, the market participants need to adapt quickly by proactively reviewing and changing their business models and processes,” Girteka Logistics CEO Edvardas Liachovičius said, inviting the participants to meet in Copenhagen, to listen to inspirational reports and to communicate with customers.

According to Mr. Liachovičius, Girteka Logistics can surely be proud of the event being an extremely high-level conference with a wide range of themes, that added value to every participating client. When the market changes as rapidly as it does, it is important to have a common understanding with our customers as to exactly where we are now, whereto we are moving, and what will help us adapt to these changes even faster and more efficiently. We are very pleased that the event was much appreciated by our customers.

Eight experts from the world’s leading companies shared their experiences on the Client Day with insights, expertise and value for every guest. The experts represented IKEA, Unilever, DAF Trucks, KPMG, Mowi, Transporeon, Transport Intelligence and WABCO. Reports analysed the issues that are most relevant to market participants today: staff recruitment, supply chain and transport planning to reduce costs or transport cargo highly dependent on harvest and weather, adaptation to ever-increasing environmental requirements or leadership in this area, opportunities offered by digitization and other topics.

Three reports were delivered by representatives of event organizer Girteka Logistics. E. Liachovičius presented the changes in the logistics sector and the company’s strategy for 2021. Chief Transport Officer Donatas Načajus delivered a report on what it really means for the company to develop an ambitious vision of becoming the first European logistics company in 2021 with a fleet of 10,000 trucks, and how to maintain the same high quality of service while pursuing the aspiration. Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Director of Strategic Partnerships, presented the underlying philosophy of Girteka Logistics, with the client at its epicentre.

Girteka Logistics is one of the leading transport companies in Europe and the largest exporter of services in Lithuania. The company transports about 460,000 FTLs per year. Founded in 1996, the company has grown organically from one truck to a fleet of 6,000 trucks and 6,500 semi-trailers in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and CIS. In 2018, Girteka Logistics became the most growing employer in Lithuania and currently employs over 15,000 people.