Girteka Logistics is ready to take on BREXIT challenge


“It doesn’t matter what kind of customs union is in place, or whether there is a free-trade agreement. After Brexit, full customs declarations will be required…” Carol-Ann O’Keeffe – The Revenue Commissioners, Ireland.

UK estimate a five-fold increase in the number of declarations as a result of Brexit, which will create an additional 200 million documents per annum or 550,000 per day! While tariffs and product regulations will influence trade flows, it is paperwork that will potentially bring things to a grinding halt. This only adds to an existing problem of having a huge shortage of customs agents.

Regardless of grim situation, as expected Girteka Logistics have identified the risk and taken positive corrective actions. Girteka Logistics is a founding member of the Customs Clearance Consortium, a specialised customs agency with an expertise at its core, created to address Brexit challenges. The consortium can arrange customs clearance anywhere in the UK and Ireland, in addition to having strong network connections across entire Europe.

“We are proud of being a founding member of the Customs Clearance Consortium, in a time when future UK’s customs regime expertise is in short supply. We in Girteka Logistics wanted to not only to solve the problem but also excel in doing so, with the support of Robert Hardy and his colleagues we believe we have found the best possible solution” – said Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Girteka Logistics Director, Strategic Partnerships.

The consortium team includes highly trained customs practitioners and is managed by a leading industry expert. With previous experience of running the largest 24hour customs freight terminal in the UK and a registered expert within EU Commission, Robert Hardy, Operations Director of the Consortium, is at the forefront of Brexit readiness preparation.

“We are delighted to have Girteka Logistics as a founder member of the consortium and will be working closely together over the coming months to stress test our plans for ‘frictionless’ freight flows no matter what shape Brexit finally takes” – commented Robert Hardy, Operations Director of the Consortium.

The UK is about to enter a transition period as defined by the Withdrawal Agreement, which is expected to end in December 2020. Girteka Logistics, along with the Customs Clearance Consortium, are not standing idle but instead are busy designing and testing processes to allow customs documentation to be non-evasive and prevent obstructing the free movement of Girteka Logistics trucks and, more importantly, client’s freight.

Brexit has resulted in evoking challenging times, however Girteka Logistics, Customs Clearance Consortium and our other members are ready to take on Brexit challenge.