Business daily Verslo Žinios (Lithuania) listed Top 20 companies with the largest numbers of jobs created in Lithuania throughout the year 2018. Seven companies of Girteka Logistics Group topping the list were “Girmeta”, “ME transportas” and “Girtrans”. “Trasis”, “Termolita”, “KLP Transport” and “Termotrans” companies also made it to Top 20.

According to Aušra Bijaminienė, HR Director at Girteka Logistics, on the last day of 2018 the group of companies employed 14.2 thousand people, which is 38 percent more than previous year. The number of administrational staff alone has grown by over 500 people in one year.

“Last year we actively hired not only truck drivers but also experienced professionals from Sales, IT, Business Development, Marketing, Transport and Logistics, Finance, Human Resource Departments and other areas. Because of company’s growth the need for new colleagues will be alike for this year again,” A. Bijaminienė said.

She said that a positive change in the structure of the company was the growth of the IT Division – it doubled in size throughout 2018. This increase is not finite – this year the need for IT professionals will continue to increase due to the company’s processes of efficiency improvement and the implementation of strategic IT projects.

“Employees are attracted to join us by an opportunity to work with exclusive customers: the most popular world companies and foreign markets.

For candidates applying for the positions offered by the company, it is important that their work is interesting and provides actual benefits, also that the contribution of each person and their returns can be measured. Our company follows LEAN methodology, which enables all employees to contribute towards the change and see the results. Being an international company, we apply market-compliant salary solutions and provide our employees with room for improvement and growth. It determines lower turnover of our employees compared to the market average,” HR Director of Girteka Logistics said.

All in all, the company successfully recruited nearly 4000 new employees over the past year. The goal of Girteka Logistics is to have the total of 23 thousand employees by 2021.

The company is actively investing in employee education: they deepen their knowledge and improve their competencies by attending training programs organized by the Training Academy. The programs focus on solving challenges of situations at work.

Competencies are developed not only by specialists but also by executives: – last year, 80 executives of the company studied at ISM University, which initiated a bespoke study program for Girteka Logistics leaders.