From the end of the second quarter, trucks of the Scandinavian Department are riding on northern roads with tilt semi-trailers. Having started from 35, now the fleet consists of 70 such vehicles.

“We learned about the need for tilt trailers last year when we discussed the subject of cargo from Sweden. When we got an opportunity, we used it right away, so now we have 70 tilt trailers running on Scandinavian roads,” says Simonas Jakunskas, Team Leader of the Scandinavian sales department.

Today, tilt trailers of the Scandinavian Department usually go on Swedish-German routes. The route geography is expected to expand in the nearest future. “Until the summer of this year, we were only riding with reefer trailers in the northern direction. Now the number of our contracts and routes is growing fast, because until now we could not transport some of our cargo due to lateral unloading,” adds Simonas Jakunskas.

When you begin to drive a different type of trailer, not only the cargo changes but also its value – the issue of cargo protection becomes more relevant. “Our tilt trailers have an XL certificate and are reinforced.” says Team Leader of the Scandinavian sales department on compliance with safety requirements.

The Scandinavian Department carries cargo for well-known brands of furniture, paper, car, metal, construction, timber, tire and other industries.

One of Europe’s leading transport companies, Girteka Logistics, has more than 5000 trucks. The fleet consists of spacious and comfortable Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and DAF trucks, not older than 2 years, driven by more than 10 000 drivers.