Girteka Logistics, one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Europe, is developing advanced value-added technology in cooperation with a research team at Vilnius University. The algorithm for real-time scheduling of cargo transportations will be modified to manage a huge amount of data flow and help improve the efficiency of transportation operations.

“Our goal is to create an advanced technology that would optimize the management of transportation and choose the most appropriate truck and trailer for each cargo load. This is a major challenge not only due to the different parameters that need to be taken into account, but also because of the size of the fleet being managed – currently consisting of 6 000 trucks and 6 500 trailers. However, it is precisely the size of our fleet that allows us to expect this investment in technology to pay off. We hope that by combining science and business expertise we will develop a solution able to make our operations even more efficient,” says Ramūnas Mikalauskas, Technology and Innovation Director at Girteka Logistics.

Transportation planning is carried out using shipment coordinators, and many different characteristics have to be taken into account when connecting a truck with a load, including the size, weight and nature of the load, as well as the parameters of the truck or trailer, the training received by the driver, their certificates or visas as well as their work and rest balance. Currently in Europe alone, Girteka Logistics carries out 7 500 shipments a week with both the truck and the driver assigned to the cargo load.

The total budget for this algorithm development project is EUR 900 000, with Girteka Logistics investing over EUR 500 000, and the European Regional Development Fund co-funding the remaining EUR 400 000.

The project includes co-operation with scientists from the Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies at Vilnius University, as well as with foreign experts. The system’s development is expected to be completed within two years.

Last year, Girteka Logistics’ Information Technology Unit tripled in size. This year, the demand for information technology professionals continues to grow at a similar rate due to the increase in efficiency and the implementation of strategic projects and innovation.