On November 6th, a new intermodal train line was opened in Calais, France. During this event, Girteka Logistics reefer trailer set off to Italy.

The new Orbassano-Calais-Orbassano line is 1200 km long. It will take 18 hours for cargo to travel from Italy to France. The purpose of the new intermodal line is to transport 40 000 semi-trailers per year.

Girteka Logistics, one of the largest FTL transport companies in Europe, takes full advantage of intermodal lines for several reasons. Intermodal services optimize traffic flows as well as requires half the number of trucks and human resources comparing with road transportation. It reduces the possibility of accidents, damage to machinery or depreciation.

The line can carry up to 44 tons of total weight. We see that intermodal services represent an economic and environmentally-friendly solution for long-distance FTL transports.

Girteka Logistics constantly uses the intermodal lines to transport cargo along the routes Domodossola—Kaldenkirchen—Domodossola and Bettembourg—Le Boulou—Bettembourg.  Around 120 full truck loads (FTL) a week are transported along these routes. We also integrated the Le Boulou—Calais—Le Boulou and Herne—Verona—Herne intermodal train lines.

Currently Girteka Logistics transports cargo via 5 train and 3 ferry intermodal lines.