Girteka Logistics, together with Norwegian transport company Thermomax, joined a road safety project in Frøya and Hitra (Norway). Aim of this project was to grant school children with light reflectors, to make them more visible on the roads and to avoid accidents.

This project was initiated by Trygg Trafikk and local newspaper “Hitra-Frøya”.

As Bjørn Rønningen, editor of “Hitra-Frøya” said, people walking on the road without reflectors are often seen in the region, especially at night. “I think it’s just a luck that we did not have any serious accidents for a while”, – explained he.

Statistics show, that in Sor-Trondelag region only 13 percent of inhabitants use reflectors. That is the lowest score in whole Norway.

Trygg Trafikk Sor-Trondelag regional manager Knut Ove Børseth, talking about the project, expressed his believe, that difference can be made only working together with all stakeholders: “Among others, transport companies that operate here – Girteka Logistics and Thermomax – signed agreements that they want to work together for the road safety.

This is for me a clear proof that we all want stronger focus on road safety”.

During the last few years Girteka Logistics has implemented several major improvements concerning road safety, environmental and social standards. Participation in such a project – is part of new outlook to road safety.

“Being visible is very simple. Use of reflectors in the dark reduces accidents risk significantly. Therefore it is important that children are getting used to that from a very small age“, – said Kristian Kaas Mortensen, CCO of Girteka Logistics.