Drivers is our biggest employment group and account for approximately 80% of our workforce, we consider them our company’s frontline Ambassadors. We constantly make investments in order to provide a better working climate for our drivers.

Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy is a good example of such an investment, here we annually train our 14 000 professional drivers in various skills from eco-driving to road safety and industry specific requirements such as for Pharmaceutical transportation.

Our Driver’s academy is the heart and soul of Girteka Logistics, here we ensure our drivers receive support and are trained to the high level expected by our clients around Europe, Scandinavia and CIS/Russia.

We also invest in new trucks and trailers offering best in class working places for our drivers, as well as a growing number of on the road hubs, long term employment with flexible working conditions and much more.

In order to support our drivers we have developed a number of innovative solutions such as our new tablet based drivers test system or an electronic training and testing module for cooling units developed together with Thermo King. This ensures our drivers the ability to learn at the speed and comfort that suits their individual needs, and at the same time provide our clients with trained and dedicated professionals.

Girteka Logistics value diversity and offer employment to all skilled and experienced drivers, currently we mainly have drivers from Lithuania, but as well from Ukraine and beyond.