Warehouse logistics


For the most effective logistics solutions, we combine the work of Girteka Logistics with state-of-the-art warehousing. We help clients optimize their inventory and supply-chain efficiency, plan logistics better, and reduce administrative costs. So they can focus fully on developing their business.

Our EU-certified Class A warehouses can store and tranship goods intended for both EU and export markets. Besides preferential tax regimes, they offer temperature-control options from -30°C to +20°CCustoms, phytosanitary and veterinary officials are on hand, as are intermediaries. Value-added services include labelling, packing, dispatch and 3PL.

We deliver full and partial loads to our warehouses for consolidation, distribution, processing and/or assembly. Manufacturers can consolidate shipments from diverse factories for distribution to a specific region.

Cargo can be brought by sea, rail or truck from other EU countries to our customs warehouses in Lithuania. From there, after processing, it can be shipped by road to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

We also run our own refrigerated freight terminal in Ventspils, Latvia, the largest in the Baltic States. It can handle both freight shipped in marine containers and roll-on/roll-off cargo for further transport by road.


Our customs warehouses provide the following services for both importers and cargo transport companies:

  • Purchase-sale transactions
  • Customs intermediation
  • Cargo storage for an unlimited time
  • Temperature-controlled storage: frozen (-18°C to -25°C), refrigerated (0°C to +5°C) and dry (+10°C to +20°C)
  • Freight sorting and weighing
  • Preparation of freight for transport, assembly of goods disassembled for transport, etc.
  • Standard handling: repackaging, assembly, adjustment, testing, restoration, splitting, etc.
  • Excise goods warehousing: receipt, storage and dispatch of goods with deferred duty payment (such as alcoholic beverages)


Our excise warehouses serve European companies exporting or transporting goods to countries outside the EU. They also serve wholesalers in the Baltic States.

Our logistics offerings for the transport of goods to CIS member states and other non-EU countries include:

  • Warehouse acceptance of goods delivered from the manufacturer or supplier
  • Quality and compliance checks during acceptance
  • Attachment of stamps, information labels and any other needed markings to excise goods
  • Order completion: picking, packing and dispatch
  • Preparation of all export and transit documents

For companies trading excisable goods in the Baltic countries, we provide these services:

  • Standard handling of documents and goods
  • Marking of goods as needed: excise stamps, labels, etc.
  • Sorting and packing of goods, preparation and distribution of consignments
  • Order picking
  • Comprehensive third-party logistics (3PL)