BSP Logistics Centre 
Vilnius region (Kuprioniškės) / 18 000 sq. m.
A high-quality warehouse and office complex in the eastern part of Vilnius. Suited to all types of temperature-sensitive cargo as well as dry storage. Each chamber has independent temperature and humidity control. The comfortable three-storey office building offers open work areas as well as individual offices.

GLP Logistics Centre 
Vilnius region (Kuprioniškės) / 21 000 sq. m.
A modern warehouse and office complex with a focus on functionality, efficiency and quality. Its technical features and architecture meet Class A standards. The location is perfect for serving customers in Vilnius and surrounding areas.


Olaine Logistics Centre 
Near Riga (Olaine) / 37 000 sq. m.
Two Class A warehouses plus administrative premises. One warehouse is for cold storage (–20°C), the other caters to industrial goods (+ 18°C). Loading ramps have heated automated lift gates, rubber sealing curtains and adjustable-height loading bridges with airtight sleeves. Spacious parking. Strong security. Rail service.

Ventspils Logistics Centre
Ventspils / 13 000 sq. m.
A modern Class A refrigerated warehouse on the site of a container terminal, with rail service. Also office space. Seven cold storage chambers with racks hold 23 456 pallets. Deep-frozen foods delivered at -18°C, kept at -30°C to -18°C. Cooling chambers (+5°C to +12°C) for fresh fruit/vegetables, milk and other similar products. State-of-the-art systems for ventilation, temperature and humidity.


Nordway Industrial and Logistics Complex 
St. Petersburg (Shushary) / 106 000 sq. m.
A complex of Class A warehouses and office space in a rapidly developing suburb of St. Petersburg. Recognized in 2014 as the city’s best logistics centre. Ideal location, state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable conditions. Flexible planning of premises. Situated to the south of the city by the M10 (Moscow) highway, ~4.5 km from the Ring Road in the Shushary-2 industrial area near Toyota, Suzuki, General Motors and Magna plants.